Ashnikko’s empowerment fantasy

Ashnikko Artwork for the Song Daisy

Ashnikko’s Empowerment Fantasy

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Ashton Nicole Casey, also known as Ashnikko @ashnikko is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, record producer, and model who will literally blow your mind with her empowerment fantasy. Like for real. She’s known for her peculiar style and blue hair with two high ponytails, almost mirroring an anime character, as well as for her unique aesthetic.

Ashnikko pink outfit with crown
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All her songs show her raw feelings about some experiences she’s been trough and sends a clear empowerment message. On her lyrics, she always reflects herself as a strong and confident woman, with the power of doing anything she wants. Besides that, she also reflects the anger of some of her relationships. In an interview she did for Genius where she explained the lyrics of her most acclaimed song ‘Stupid’, she said:

“He was making me feel like I couldn’t be my best self, and I felt like I was always making myself smaller for him. And I refuse to do that now. I don’t have time to babysit, I don’t have time to be no man’s therapist, I don’t have time to raise nobody’s son. I am a confident woman, and I am doing really f*cking well”

Ashnikko yellow coat blue hair Empowerment Fantasy
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We applaud you Ashnikko!! This is the kind of energy we need in 2020! She is best known for her this single named ‘Stupid’ with Yung Baby Tate which went viral on the famous social media platform TikTok, the best place for a song to go viral!! Tons of people mimicked her screams followed by her quote “Stupid boy think that I need him” with a very cute dance. Other people preferred to get creative and did some variations to the challenge.

Ashnikko in all denim on phone
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In this music video, we see her covered in blood with a hammer on her hand wandering on the streets, of course wearing her iconic blue hair and stunning styling. She’s killing her ex-boyfriend showing up in his front door. Yup, told you she was gonna literally blow your minds. The video already starts very hard, when she’s screaming ‘wet‘ repeated times at the camera and laughs saying ‘I’m shy, oh my God‘. Then she starts singing:

Stupid boy think that I need him, humph

I go cold like changin’ seasons

I go red hot like a demon

I go ghost for no damn reason

The rest of her songs only gets better. Her song named ‘Cry’ Feat. Grimes is a very powerful scream of emotions. And not less important, the music video which will really blow your mind (yup, once again)

It is an animated music video in which we see how Ashnikko is depicted with three heads and a really weird body (almost with no body at all) and of course, a boss bi*ch attitude as usual. Chasing another character, both battle as if we were talking about Tekken, with guns and crazy moves. By the way, she literally splits the other character in two, so you get an idea of how crazy it gets!

Bi*ch, are you tryna make me cry?

Are you tryna make me lose it?

Ashnikko in Red Devil Outfit with horns Empowerment Fantasy

Ashnikko’s latest music release is the song named ‘Daisy’ in which she also talks about being a strong woman ‘Fu*k a princess, I’m a king
Bow down and kiss on my ring’
and addresses to another person, maybe her ex-boyfriend.

I’m crazy, but you like that

I bite back, daisies on your nightstand

Never forget, I blossom in the moonlight

Screw eyes, glacial with the blue ice

I’m terrifying

We could literally go on and on talking about the marvelous world of Ashnikko, how he channels her energy and stands for the power of women as well as her messages on relationships. Besides that, her aesthetic is really fresh and new and I’m sure it will create some trends in the fashion industry. We could tag her style as a mix of an anime character with accents of Billie Eilish’s style, therefore a mix of colorful and happy elements with kind of dark and gloomy styling with oversized clothing.

There’s no doubt Ashnikko’s uniqueness will get her to the top of the music industry and we are really thrilled to see her success!

Ashnikko’s empowerment fantasy