Avocado Exclusive with Comawhore!

Comawhore exclusive interview

Avocado Exclusive with Comawhore

1) Baby witch was in your bio! We are assuming you love the occult? We have researched allot about Wicca and think there are such beautiful foundations within it. What is your favorite part about witchcraft?

Yup!~ I am really into Wicca; it‘s such an interesting religion! I personally just love the overall believes behind it; it makes me calm and feel more connected to nature; which can be quite hard this day. Also the witch community on Instagram and Tiktok consists of super kind people and I feel like there are not as many toxic people as in other communities.
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2) We saw that you are vegan! Have you been vegan your entire life? If you were not, how difficult was it for you to switch as many people today say that it is a difficult switch mentally and physically for them.

I went vegan like 2 years ago; but I was vegetarian before for maybe 3 years. I just did not want to use my money to support something that harms and kills animals like that. The other part of the reason why I went vegan were my religious believes as the Wiccan Rede states: „ An’ ye harm none, do what ye will“
I really do not want to cause any harm on any living being, so with this mindset I did not  really have difficulties switching. Also since a lot of people are turning vegan there are so many vegan options!

3) We LOVE your editing on your Instagram feed. Have you always had a love for mixed media artwork?

Thank you so much!! I started of really enjoying drawing when I was younger; later I got into photography. I first used my Instagram to just post random photos; but then I realized I could also create art with photography. So I got into what I am doing at the moment. It is such an amazing creative outlet with a lot of opportunities.

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4) Did you ever imagine you would have such a growing platform online? Did you find that it took a while for things to take off or was it an over night success for you?

Actually nah; I always felt like a quite boring person and there are so many amazing creators out there, so it really blew my mind. I wouldn’t say it was an over night success; but my account grew really fast im a few months.

5) What would you say would be the main goal you have set for yourself in your life? – No matter how big of a goal!

My main goal is actually quite boring I guess. I really want to want to major in engineering and also get a job in this field! For me it is a big goal, because it is gonna be hard work.

6) During this quarantine, have you been doing anything specific that has been helping you pass the time in lock down?

Lock down has been really messing with me, like it did for a lot of people. I did things like gardening and cleaning to kill time. Also I used the time for creative things like drawing, photography, writing and singing!

7) When choosing a gift for someone, what is the most important factor you decide before committing to the gift?

It really depends on the person! Usually I really want to gift something personal and also interesting. I think a lot about it before I actually commit to a gift. The most important factor is probably if the person will like it; which most of the times is super hard to figure out!