Why is WAP so controversial?

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Everyone is talking about Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s new song WAP. Some people talk about how catchy and fun it is and others throw a little backlash to it. Although having acknowledged its own song being too risqué, Cardi B posted a video on Instagram explaining a little bit about the song. Firstly, she talked about the two versions she uploaded to YouTube: the music video and the official audio. The main difference between these two is that the official audio is explicit and you can hear every single beeped word in the music video. As Cardi said “the song is so nasty that YouTube was like ‘hold on wait a minute'” and that the combination of the visuals and explicit lyrics would be too much.

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Starting off with the background melody in the intro, as well as throughout the song, it already starts heating up the situation: “There’s some wh*res in this house” and the lyrics only start getting nastier from here. In the music video, we see how we are approaching a very peculiar mansion with a rotating fountain of Cardi and Megan naked silhouettes as in the album cover. Inside that mansion, everything is sexual and has lots of different risqué objects around it, so no doubt they had to do the clean version because that’s too much for YouTube to handle! Creating iconic looks and great visuals, this video really is fire!!

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However, behind that first look of hyper-sexualized objects, moves, scenarios, lyrics and more, we wanted to dig deep into the meaning of the song. Of course, many people would say that it has no other meaning rather than speaking about sex, d*cks, p*ssy and a*ss only for pleasure and only as a matter of exhibitionism, but that’s where we see the problem.

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In the first place, why is everyone throwing so much backlash at this song? Just think about that for a couple of minutes. You may have come to the conclusion that it’s because of what they talk about is inappropriate. Well, it is true that it’s not a song for children and that it should only be seen by adults; we are in 2020 and everyone knows about sex and should not be so offended. But once again, why is it so hard to understand the freedom of female expression? Society has taught us how every one of us should behave and how to identify what is ‘too much’ and what is not, and female take the worst part because everything they do is often tagged as ‘too much’

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Women are not supposed to act sexually in public because society has taught us that doing so is wrong, as well as talking explicitly about sex also is forbidden. If you mix these two, you create a weapon! Acting sexually (say wearing whatever a woman wants to wear) usually tags women as wh*ores or accused of being provocative, when the truth is that they just feel good doing what they want, just as men do with lesser problems!

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Everyone knows male rappers who talk about eating p*ssy and getting their D sucked and many other things and everyone sings their songs without thinking about what they are singing and, of course, without throwing any shade. Why does this happen? Oh, wait, of course! Patriarchal society!! Men can talk about nasty things and act provocatively without being judged but when a woman does it or half of it, the world goes against her. That is totally unfair!

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We should unlearn what society has taught us because it’s not appropriate in the times we are living. Try to reach equality for everyone and real freedom. We need to stop exaggerating everything, we should break taboos and talk about every single aspect of life, stop objectifying women and start living freely without any objections. WAP might seem a little bit too much for many people but that’s its main goal, to start breaking the rules and opening a debate and we live for that!

Keep streaming WAP and dancing to it as if your life depended on it, but please be careful with the WAP challenge choreography on Tik Tok and that crazy leg split!!