Charles Besso Exclusive Interview

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Vanity Teen Charles Besso Exclusive with The Lonely Avocado

We had the chance to have an exclusive interview with young mixed media artist Vanity Teen Charles Besso and asked him many questions about his passions, goals and view of the current state of the world.

Model: Charles Besso

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1) What is currently your biggest passion in life?

My biggest passion currently is definitely environmental awareness and activism. I feel that it is everyone’s duty to be environmentally responsible and conscious in whatever way we can because there is no other planet Earth.
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2) What types of art are your favorite to experiment with?

I love mixing traditional media such as painting or drawing with digital media because I think it’s kind of my way of “remixing” old technique with today’s technology in the same way rappers will sample old music.

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3) If you had to pick one thing about Pop Culture that you loved, what would it be?

I love how diverse pop culture has become over the past decade. I feel like pop culture in the early 2000s was very tailored to a specific audience and kind of person, but with new platforms like YouTube and Instagram, people who lacked representation are not only being accepted but praised even. I find it really inspiring how open people are nowadays, like I would have never thought boys could be famous online for making videos of them putting on makeup or that a girl like Greta Thunberg could get the amount of attention she did.

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4) You have such a unique style of art. What inspired you to create the type of art you currently work on?

I was the obnoxious kind of kid who stared at strangers in public because Im always studying the little details and colours of my surroundings, and I try to illustrate this complexity in my painting style. I try to capture pretty modern subject matter in my art because I think that, for as much as photography encapsulates a moment, brushstrokes have an ability to convey feeling like nothing else can.

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5) The world is so crazy at the moment. Is there something you wish the world would start doing that we are currently ignoring or finding no importance in?

I hope that people can continue finding and expressing things they are grateful for in these trying times. Things are really difficult right now, but whether it’s the ability to go on a walk or even FaceTime someone you love, there is always something to be thankful for that others may not have.

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6) When picking out the perfect gift for someone special, what is the most important factor to you when choosing?

The most important factor when picking a gift for someone is probably sentimental meaning or shared experiences with the person you get the gift for. Anything that comes from the heart and is given with love is perfect, and yes, even last minute letters on Mother’s Day have their worth .

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