Charlie Besso by Chris Fucile – Exclusive

Charlie Besso by Chris Fucile - Shirtless Boy - Necklace

Charlie Besso by Chris Fucile

The Lonely Avocado x VTEEN Exclusive Interview

Wardrobe: COS, Levi’s, Yuasa Studios

Charlie by MZ & stylist’s own.

Part 2 over at VTEEN

Q) What would you name as the piece of inspiration that helps you connect the deepest to your art while you are creating new work?

A) I decided this past year that all the art I create is going to be on used or already existing materials. I don’t want to buy canvases and create more waste, so I use surfaces that would be discarded as ‘garbage’ to make all my art. Since environmental causes are central to my life I feels as though this enables me to employing the principle that I care about like sustainability into my work. It’s also kind of a fun scavenger hunt to look for cardboard or other materials and give them a new life.

Q) Who would you name as some of your biggest inspirations in the art world?

A) My artistic inspirations don’t often come from other artists but more of my own life experience or people close to me. I admire other artists and they motivate me; however, I typically create work as personal narrative. Some artists I look up to are David Hockney and Gustav Klimt.

Q) Can you name a few songs that have kept, or are keeping you motivated since the world shut down?

A) Nobody by mitksi, Perfect World by Liz Phair, Circles by Post Malone & I Wonder by Rodriguez

Q) Can you share a bit of what some of your newest paintings we have included in this interview mean to you personally?


A) In my recent artwork, I pulled inspiration from people close to me as opposed to just my own life. I had my friends model for several paintings and some works I constructed around conversations with loved ones, making me feel more connected to them. These works helped me see how creating art can help me understand others as much as it can help outsiders understand me.

Q) One wish for 2021


A) I wish for people to pursue what brings them joy or keep searching for what that is if they haven’t found it. Surround yourself with people that bring out the best in you, and let them know you love them. 

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