Cosplay with _sugashi – Exclusive Interview!

Sugashi streetwear Mountain Socks

Cosplay & Anime with Sugashi

Q. If you had to pick one character that was your most favorite to cosplay as, who would that be!? 

it would definitely be a tie between D.Va from Overwatch and Megumin from Konosuba!

Q. Anime is filled with SO much inspirational imagery, but we find if you take the time to really watch and understand the meanings, there are so many lessons to learn. Was there one specific Anime that stuck out in your mind and helped you in some way?

Yes! Haikyuu stuck out to me and inspired me to work hard on all of my goals. this anime taught me that even when things get hard, you can always get through it! 

White Shoes - Wearing mountain socks

Sugashi wearing our Dreamer Mountain Socks socks!

Q. Aside from Anime and Cosplay, do you have a passion for something that many of your fans would not know about?

Yes! I’m very passionate about dance. I’ve been a dancer for 4 years now!

Q. What inspired you to start doing cosplay on a professional level? 

Sugashi crop photo wearing white and mountain socks

Sugashi wearing our Dreamer Mountain Socks socks!

Q. What have you been doing to keep busy during this crazy lock down situation that has currently hit the entire globe?

I’ve been taking a lot of time to work on myself! I’ve been focusing on skin care, working out, and baking! of course i cosplay a lot as well.

Q. Say you were out shopping, or looking online for a perfect gift for a special someone, what quality does the perfect give have in your eyes?

The perfect gift would be something that I could see someone enjoying! I usually look for something that reminds me of the person I’m getting a gift for.

Sugashi white skirt wearing mountain socks

Sugashi wearing our Dreamer Mountain Socks socks!

Here is a Cosplay Makeup Tutorial by _Sugashi!

Stay Fancy!


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