Dominic Galbiati Vanity Teen Exclusive by Andrew Parry

Dominic Galbiati Teen pop culture magazine

Check out this film ad with Vanity Teen Dominic Galbiati , Kolby Rae, Max Kornilov, Brianna De Gooijer by Andrew Parry!

Photographer / Video production Andrew Parry

Models Dominic Galbiati, Kolby Rae, Brianna De gooijer, Max Kornilov, Agency Stray Model Mgmt  Makeup  Ariel Feindel Hair salonhazeregina


Vanity Teen Dominic Galbiati with Kolby, Brianna and Max!

Link to Vanity Teen exclusive with Dominic Galbiati

The detail in this shoot is jaw dropping!? Andrew Parry is amazing behind the camera and the models gave so much raw energy to this shoot!

Pink Donut Phone Grip Ring - Phone Accessory

The energy just shines through every last image, not to mention the film work for this shoot blows our minds.

Kinda classy kinda hood cassette tape phone grip
Vanity Teen Exclusive Teen pop culture magazine

Just look at all the colorful & fancy gift ideas all in one glorious shoot.

Slay Pins on Suspenders - David Bowie Pin

We LOVE the 80s, so if you are getting those retro vibes, it is very intentional. We wanted a mix of items from different decades as we are also sickly in love with the 90s. Who is not in love with the retro feels that the 1980s & 1990s radiate? The personality and imagination that came from those 20 years still has a very large impact on today! #90sbitch

We could not be happier with how this all turned out. Thank you to everyone involved, from the bottom of our hearts!

Make sure to go back up and watch our commercial if you missed it!

Head over to VANITY TEEN to see the full editorial as this is just a small portion of the Vanity Teen exclusive.


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