Fab The Duo – It’s a “Party for Two” – The Lonely Avocado x VTEEN

Fab The Duo - It's A Party For Two - Colorful Photo Shoot

Fab The Duo | It’s a “Party For Two” – The Lonely Avocado x VTEEN Exclusive

Instagram: @fabtheduo / Photographer: @thethetyleroleary

You both have just released a new single called ‘Party For Two’! Can you explain a bit about the inspiration behind the song and what it means to you both personally?

We wanted to put out a fun quarantine song that would let people dance and have fun in their own homes. Obviously no one can go out to huge parties right now, but we hope that people can still find some joy even in these times. We’ve been stuck with just each other for months and we’ve had to learn how to have fun with just the two of us. People need fun music they can dance to more than ever right now 

We were first introduced to you after hearing your single ‘Our Love is Resistance’. The song is a favorite for so many reasons… Not only is the energy from the music video inspiring, but also the vocals and the message behind the song are so deeply impactful. Pure GOLD! How did you both feel when you saw the amazing response to this song?

Thank you! The response to that song has been amazing, and it’s been our most streamed/viewed song we’ve ever released. We did not plan it this way, but the timing of its release could not have been more perfect- it came out during Pride month, in the midst of a global pandemic and widespread protests over racial inequality. It is still ever-so-relevant; just a few days ago, members of the Supreme Court suggested reversing the rulings legalizing gay marriage. Fab is all about love, and we think this song resonates a lot with people, especially in a time that is dominated by anger and hate. 

If you had to think about some of your top musical inspirations… Which musicians come to mind and what parts about these artists would you say inspired you the most?

Lady Gaga is definitely one of our top influences, especially in terms of message, fashion, and general weirdness. Other top influences include P!NK, Elton John, and Queen. We love artists that aren’t afraid to be themselves and be totally unique. Fashion and look is also a huge part of our band, so we look for artists that are on the cutting edge of fashion along with music. 

When you are taking a break from your creative mind what do you guys do to pass the time and refocus your creativity?

We both love dogs and we just got a wonderful dog named Dolly Pawton. She’s as high-maintenance as we are, so she gets a lot of our attention. Some other things we love to do are cook, watch TV, and be social. 

Thinking about the future of your band, what would you say would be your biggest dream you want to achieve even if very distant?

We both dream big. We’re already making history as one of the first gay couples to break into the music industry, and we want to take it even further. We want to be the first gay duo to win a GRAMMY, top the charts, get a VMA. The sky’s the limit for us. We want to be a household name. We want to be legends. 

Check out the music video for FAB THE DUOS new single “It’s A Party For Two” Below.

MAKE SURE you listen to their single "Our Love Is Resistance" before you go!

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