Heir of Atticus Vanity Teen x Avocado EXCLUSIVE

Heir Of Atticus wearing Banana Socks

The Lonely Avocado x Vanity Teen Exclusive with Heir Of Atticus

We had the chance to interview the inspirational Pop Culture sensation Gauge AKA @Heir.of.atticus . Gauge gained his fame because of the Social Media App called TikTok, he currently has around 1.7 Million followers on TikTok and 740,000 followers on Instagram!

Heir of Atticus wearing our Banana Flasher Socks!

Heir of Atticus Interview Photo Lay on Bed Socks
The Lonley Avocado x Vanity Teen Exclusive with Heir.of.atticus

Where did you get the inspiration for the name heir.of.atticus?

Heir of Atticus came about because I really liked the way heir of sounded like heir of King Arthur heir of whatever, and I was watching how to kill a mocking bird one day and the protagonist’s name was Atticus and I really liked it sounded so I just put it together.

Heir Of Atticus In Bedroom Wearing Funny Socks
The Lonley Avocado x Vanity Teen Exclusive with Heir.of.atticus
Heir Of Atticus Heir of Atticus Interview
The Lonley Avocado x Vanity Teen Exclusive with Heir.of.atticus
Heir Of Atticus Sock Foot Close up Banana
The Lonley Avocado x Vanity Teen Exclusive with Heir.of.atticus

It is a struggle for people to stand out and be heard in today’s age of social media, with the tricky algorithm changes and large amount of users. Are you surprised that your platform grew as fast as it did or was it your goal mixed with hard work to head in this type of direction with your future?

I feel like it is a little difficult to stand out and be heard because there are a ton of influencers on social media but I feel like if you want to be heard you need to be authentic and honest people; don’t want to follow another person who’s a copy cat. I am a surprised I grew as fast as I did. I just posted stuff that made me happy it was fun and that’s how it is still but it has been hard work to make sure my content is exactly how I want it and to make sure it is still true to me. 

Heir Of Atticus Vanity Teen Exclusive in Bed with Socks
The Lonley Avocado x Vanity Teen Exclusive with Heir.of.atticus
Heir Of Atticus Heir of Atticus Interview
The Lonley Avocado x Vanity Teen Exclusive with Heir.of.atticus

We deeply appreciate that you stand up for things that matter in this world; you use your platform to bring awareness to situations that people should pay more attention to. Is there one major message you would love to tell all the people who look up to you for inspiration?

A message I would like all the people who “look up to me” or watch me is everyone was born to be who they were supposed to be don’t focus on becoming someone else and lose track of who you are, it’s ok dress weird or like certain things no ones should ever be the same as someone else. Be unique.

Pop culture effects people in different ways, depending on what areas you are focusing on. If you had to choose one thing about pop culture that has left a lasting impact on you, what would it be?

One thing from pop culture that has left a impact on me has been fashion or style. I feel like how you dress is a look inside your ego and shows a little bit of who You are as a person 

Are you a classic board game kind of kid, or are you a console/PC gamer? – Any specific game that you LOVED and possibly played way too much of growing up?

I’m a big Nintendo kid I’ve played all the Pokémon games to completion and I love legend of Zelda but my favorite game of all time is Pokémon platinum I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve restarted that game.

Silly Question! -You were left stranded on an island and you could only listen to 3 different bands, watch 1 movie and eat just one type of food, what would they all be?

If I was on a desert island and I could only…

Listen to 3 bands

Watch 1 Movie

Eat 1 Type of Food

  • Some spicy wings 

We feel like TikTok is sometimes heavily misrepresented and people tend to look over all the positives the platform offers its viewers. What is one main thing that comes to your mind when thinking on how TikTok has helped you personally?

Tiktok has in a way forced me to be less self conscious on how I look I have to force myself to stand in the camera and it weirdly has made me feel a lot more comfortable in my appearance

We appreciate that you can learn from every person that comes into your life. If you look past differences and have respect for each other, so much magic can be made. Have your fans helped you see something that maybe once was harder to see without them?

My fans have definitely made me feel more confident in my appearance I really don’t like my nose my eye color my hair but it makes me happy that they’re able to help me see past it and feel normal.

Fun Facts:

Gauge was born April 25 2000 in the US and his Birth Sign is Taurus!


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