Jack Allford by Matthew- The Lonely Avocado x Vanity Teen

Jack Allford Boy wearing Banana Flasher Socks

Jack Allford by Matthew Exclusive | The Lonely Avocado x Vanity Teen

Instagram : jackallford / TikTok : jackallford0

Photographer : matthew.jhd

Vanity Teen has part 2 of the interview questions!

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Jack Allford x The Lonely Avocado x Vanity Teen

From looking through your Instagram page, it looks like you LOVE to travel around the world. Do you think you have already traveled to one of your favorite spots or do you still have a really long list of places to visit?

I don’t think you can ever stop traveling! I’ve been so blessed with my work that I’ve spent the last 7 years on the road now. It gets a little crazy, but I love being so busy. I get to see so much culture and explore so much of the world. Los Angeles and Havana really grabbed my heart for so many reasons. I’ve never been to Australia, so that’s definitely next on my list. I get to take my friends and family away with me a lot of the time, so it’s awesome getting to show them my favorite cities!

Jack Allford wearing our Banana Flasher Socks!

We are obviously obsessed with Pop Culture over here. What would you say your favorite part about Pop Culture is?

Ugh, can we talk about the 2000s please? I’m talking Paris, Britney and Lindsay. Hilary Duff? Iconic. Rihanna’s GOLDEN years. The music, the fashion, the dodgy highlights… and let’s not forget Victoria Beckham’s iconic single “Out of your mind”. Can we get a do over?

What is your idea of the ‘best gift’ you could give someone special in your life?

It’s gotta be your time, hasn’t it? Spending time with your loved ones as much as you can. Giving someone your time shows they’re important to you. Be present and in the moment.

Though I’m sure they’d rather I just bought them gifts!

Have you learned something very important by traveling around the world? Do you find that it opened your mind to anything new that you possibly would never have seen if you did not travel?

I’ve learnt so much about so many different cultures and religions. It’s truly opened my mind to such a different way of thinking. I used to attach success with material things. And whilst I still do to a certain extent, I think there’s way bigger things in life than having the most expensive clothing or latest gadgets.

Life’s over in the blink of an eye, so enjoy it whilst you have it. In the words of Khloe Kardashian, you’re going to die, so at least die with a good Snapchat going through!