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Kolby Rae Bikini wearing Jelly Bro Socks

Kolby Rae by Chelleles Exclusive | The Lonely Avocado x Vanity Teen

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Kolby Rae wearing our Jelly Bro Socks!

You are going to be a supporting lead in a new independent Canadian film called ‘The Wild’ written and directed by Aaron Sinclair. What made you so passionate about working on this film with Aaron?

I am a supporting lead and I am sort of in a twilight zone! I took a step back from acting for a while due to life happening, and the fact I get to work on a feature film now is just so cool. There’s no other way to describe it. It’s an absolute trip and I am in love with the style of Aaron’s work (his talents are incredible) so I know it’ll be amazing. 

Have you always been in love with acting or was it something that just recently came into your life? 

I know it’s many little girls’ dreams to be an actor when they grow up, but I took that passion through life. I had such tunnel vision for this dream of mine that I didn’t really involve myself much in high school life. I graduated early and went to LA to train at freshly 18. 

I experienced so many cool things and lived in many different places; thinking back it always puts a smile on my face. So it’s definitely been instilled in me since childhood, ha-ha. Now though, I’m mostly doing it because it makes me happy and makes me feel more like myself. It’s important to honor the artist in you. 

Top favorite movie of all time!?

I always laugh at this because people tend to pick critically acclaimed films. I honestly just have 1 that ever comes to my mind when asked this and that is Without A Paddle. It’s one of those movies that will forever make me feel so happy inside. 

I have moved around a lot in life, so seeing their friendship and the adventure they had was always so fun to me. It really was the chemistry between the actors that sold it, though. I remember always wanting to go on one with a group of my friends one day (obviously not as aggressive of one as they did haha). 

Would you say you loved modern day Pop Culture or are you more of a retro Pop Culture girl? -Why?

Retro!! If we are referring to “older” times like the 90s (also was influenced by 50s, 60s etc. growing up). I just remember going to a comic shop called Chow’s Varieties on my bike as a kid to get all the latest magazines and they were always so vibrant and fun. 

Kolby Rae wearing our Jelly Bro Socks!

What songs are currently in your playlist right now? 

I am all over the place! Lately I’ve been listening to these a lot: 

1000 Highways by SonSeal 

Helium by ASL

Dirty by AQVOL

Dunno by Noah Cyrus

Cream by Platinum Doug

Ballie by Idris Elbato (Ft Kah Lo) 

Kolby Rae wearing our Jelly Bro Socks!

If you were out shopping, or shopping online for someone super special to you, what is the most important part to look out for that would make you grab the gift?

I don’t think there’s anything necessarily important to look out for. I just pick what hits me most. There is no way to describe it! It’s just a FEELING when you see something.

Kolby Rae wearing our Jelly Bro Socks!

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