Kristian Grippo (Kris8an) HEYBOY. Exclusive

Kris8an Kristian Grippo - Tiktok Boy - Blue Vest Fashion - HEYBOY x Vanity Teen
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Kristian Grippo (Kris8an) Exclusive

HeyBoy Exclusive Interview

Photographer: Samy Neo + Felix Faber

Agency : weCreate

Birthday: June 25, 2002

Birthplace: Switzerland

Birth Sign: Cancer

Q) You are from Basel! What is the most interesting part about the area you live?

A) Basel is a very unique city here in Switzerland. The geographical location alone makes it special because it borders France and Germany. In 10 minutes, you can go from Switzerland to Germany and France. But still, we have very strong sense of our own identity. The city has many Events every year like the Fasnacht, the biggest festival in Switzerland. Apart from that we also have a great art scene and many museums. Personally, my favorite thing about Basel is the Rhein, the biggest river in Switzerland, that goes through the center of the city. Especially during summer the whole city will be there and it‘s just a beautiful place to spend your time.

Q) Random question! If you could pick one superpower which, would you choose and why do you think you would choose this specific power over another?

That‘s very random! Spontaneously I would say the ability to teleport. Every time I get up in the morning and I must go to school I think to myself how easy it would be if I could just teleport there. It would definitely make my life easier. I also love to travel, and I travel a lot. Sadly, that takes a lot of time. If I could just teleport, It would be possible for me to go anywhere at any time I want to.

Q) What would you say motivates you to continue growing your online presence?

It has always been my dream to have a community on social media and make content! When I was 12 years old, I started making Minecraft videos on YouTube before I discovered TikTok and Instagram many years later. I love to interact with people and share my life with them. I spend a lot of time to interact with my community. Growing my presence means that the community grows, and I can interact with even more people and inspire them with my life and content! Making content is the main motivation and that’s also how I started growing an online presence. Since I started posting as a content creator there was no day where I didn‘t post anything. That‘s only possible because I love making content.

Q) There are positives and negatives to any line of work. When thinking of your specific career path so far, what would you say would be the most impactful part so far & which would you say was the hardest or your least favorite?

Thanks to what I am doing as a content creator I have the possibilities to travel a lot and visit many places. You get to know a lot of people and you have a lot of freedom on how you work. In this aspect it is really a dream in my opinion. The hardest part about being a content creator is probably having a good mental health. Especially in the beginning when you aren‘t used to everything it can happen very fast that you struggle with your mental health. You feel pressure and you need to learn how to handle that. Also, in the long term seeing all these numbers going up and down, all the comments, all the DMs and messages it can really destroy your mental health and make you sick. That‘s really the hardest part about being a content creator in my opinion.

But in the end, I still think that being a content creator is a dream and one of the coolest works you can do if you have the chance.

Are you binging any TV series currently? If so which series, should we all start watching and why!?

Momentarily I am re-watching Death Note. As an anime lover I can recommend it to everyone that hasn‘t watched it yet. It‘s one of my all-time favorite shows. If you have never watched an anime before I really encourage you to give it a chance because it will open so many new genres and shows to you that you have never seen before.

Q) Do you have any strange/odd memories of any meet and greets or random encounters with fans which were not planned, that will probably be forever engrained in your mind?

Yes, there is actually multiple strange encounters but the coolest was in vacation in Italy. I always go to my grandparents and usually I spend most of the time alone. But this year there was no day that I spent alone. I didn‘t expect it but so many people there knew me. So, I went to the beach and started hanging out with people that followed me and recognized me. We went on boats, we played cards, we filmed videos and were just having fun! That was probably one of my coolest vacations ever and I will never forget the people from the community that I met during that time.

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