Lucas Assenza Vanity Teen Exclusive

Vanity Teen Lucas Assenza Exclusive Shoot

Model : Lucas Assenza Agency : AR Model Agency
: SofiBYD St : Lucacardozo / Jazpxblete
MUA : Marian.makeuppro Outfit : The Lonely Avocado
Anti Streetwear

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A colorful & quirky Vanity Teen exclusive shoot with Lucas Assenza featuring some  of our giftable goodies! Look at how fancy our space kitty socks are looking in  this shoot! Also that photo with our bitten Saturn donut pin!So cute! <3

Fancy sh*t that was used in this shoot!

stuff used in this shoot!

Socks used in this shoot!

We are so very thankful to be apart of this shoot; thank you to the entire team of people who worked so hard on this and also thank you Vanity Teen. -It all turned out perfect!

Lucas Assenza Teen pop culture magazine

Socks used in this shoot!

Our stuff goes over great with any age group (Most popular with teens), and is totally unisex so eat your hearts out boys and girls! =D

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Make sure to head over to VANITY TEEN to see the full editorial as this is just a small portion of the Vanity Teen exclusive.