Luke Markinson Never Alone Music Video / Exclusive Interview!

Luke Markinson Wearing Video Game Socks

Luke Markinson Never Alone

Q. When did you realize you wanted to pursue music on a professional level?

I’ve always really loved music. Some of my earliest memories are of me writing songs in elementary school and dancing around my house, so I think I was always bound to be following that passion. I actually had a Vine account in middle school where I would post original songs. It’s kind of weird, but getting recognition from strangers online sort of inspired me to just create and put stuff out in the world.


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Q. Could you explain a bit of the inspiration that was used to create your new single “Never Alone”?

Yes! “Never Alone” is actually about being in a really good relationship with someone. I usually write more brooding songs, but for that one, I was just really happy that day. It’s sort of about just being completely infatuated with someone and how vulnerability can completely change your perspective.

Q. Who would be your top 3 favorite artists that have inspired you to create the music you make today?

I think my biggest influence is Charli XCX. I was completely shook after hearing Pop 2 for the first time. Her whole style and take on futuristic pop has definitely affected how I make and think about music. Lyrically, Beach House has inspired me a lot. I think the stories they tell are really profound. Tove Lo too. All of her melodies are insanely catchy.

Q. If you had to choose one way past or modern day pop culture has positively affected or influenced you, what would it be?

The way our society has moved in terms of how content is shared and engaged with online has really affected me. Seeing these bite-size video apps like Vine and TikTok blow up have influenced how I craft my songs. It’s made me super aware of timing and how instantly catchy a song is.

Q. When you are not creating music, what do you love to do in your spare time?

I really like to spend time with friends. Listen to music. I don’t know, typical stuff. Meditation too, for me, is really important. I love just chilling outside and doing that. Also, I’ve been binging Bojack Horseman.      

Q. Was music something you always saw as a passion or was this a more recent discovery?

I’ve always seen music as a passion. Recently though with all the time spent in quarantine doing nothing, I started to get back into writing songs. I forgot how rewarding it is to fill those empty parts of your life with music.

We will leave you with Luke’s music video for “Never Alone”!

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