Matheus Almeida (Cry Matt) by Bruno Barreto

Cry Matt Matheus Almeida - Sensual - Boy - Mesh Top - Black Underwear
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by Bruno Barreto

HEYBOY x Vanity Teen Exclusive Interview

Photographer: Bruno Barreto

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Birthday: January 14, 2002

Birthplace: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Birth Sign: Capricorn

Q) When you are looking back at your growth in popularity online do you think there was one platform that helped your growth more than another or was it a mixture of them all?

A) Honestly, I had the support of amazing people in my growth on social media, there is a Facebook page called “Sôay Tay”, have more than 1.7 million followers on the platform, they basically usually post pictures of cute boys from all over the world and give the credits to them, that’s exactly what they did to me, sometimes re-posted my best photos and put the link of my profile in the post in the publication in the publication , so this drove the increase of my followers on Instagram, in addition I started to become more popular in Brazil too, in addition, I have thousands of followers from various other countries around the world.

Q) Who would you name as your biggest inspiration that started you out in the direction of the modelling and fashion world?

A) My biggest inspiration in the fashion world is the model Manu Ríos, I follow him on social media since 2016 and no doubt he inspires me since then, I like the content he creates and the editorials he made, I dream someday to meet him personally, luckily, I’ve had the chance to be answered by him in private on Instagram.

Q) Do you find you are mainly influenced by past or modern day pop culture and why do you think it has had such an impact on your life today?

A) Without a doubt I’m influenced by modern pop culture because I identify too much with the artists of today, most inspire me both in my style and to develop some personal project. All my inspiration and creative process is based on the videos clips I watch, the television series I like, songs of the moment, and especially the fashion inspirations I see on Instagram.

Q) Who are a few of the artists currently on repeat in your playlists? – The ones who truly keep you motivated.

A) My favourite artists who are in the playlist of my day are my source of inspiration, I love Troye Sivan, he is the main one that I most identify, in every fashion editorial that I participate i usually ask the team to put his songs, I feel completely represented in the lyrics of his songs. Besides, I really like the talent of Conan Gray, Selena Gomez, Olivia Rodrigo, Dua Lipa and of course I couldn’t forget to mention the icon The Weeknd.

Q) Social media can be seen in so many different lights. On one end it can totally change your life in a positive way, giving you a big reach, potential for increased income and meeting so many new people. If you had given advice to your fans that are looking at a similar career path to your own, what would be the best advice you could offer someone. Possibly something which you wish you knew before hand?

A) The best advice I’d love to hear if I were starting all over again would be “be authentic”, authenticity on social media simply says everything about who you are, at some point in your life you’ll be a source of inspiration for someone so just be yourself that people will identify with your way of expressing yourself on the internet. In the past I stopped sharing several things I would have loved to have shared just because I thought it would be too shameful, in fact all this has always been about my life so it would be just me, but it was no longer for fear of being judged.

Q) If you had to go further back in time and think about music… What would you name as your all-time favorite 90s song?

A) My favorite song would be Head Over Heels, from tears for fears.

Q) Favorite Netflix TV series or movie right now?!

A) I’m addicted to the series Young Royals that debuted recently, and also in Elite because the fourth season debuted not long ago. I really like series that address real social problems, such as Sex Education, Euphoria and Love Victor.

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