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LAVO x Vanity Teen Exclusive with Mick Beyer

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What decade had the BEST fashion in your opinion? -You can pick a runner up!

If I had to choose,I would say the 80s and 90s best describes my fashion style, the pop of color and bold statements. Although the inspiration comes from that time, I never actually knew until people commented on my outfits. I just styled clothes how I liked them, with no specific fashion era in mind.

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So much alone time lately with quarantine and lock downs going on everywhere. Do you have any hobbies that have helped entertain yourself during these strange days?

I have been focusing a lot on my studies, as I am a student in college. When I am not doing online classes, I like to unwind by putting on my favorite playlist and painting. Alongside fashion, art has always been a big part of my life and is still a big passion of mine.

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IF you could only pick one thing about modern day pop culture that you appreciated most, what would it be?

One thing I truly cannot live without is music. My favorite artists are some of my biggest inspirations in my life, and their songs bring me tremendous joy. I am constantly playing music; it makes any activity much more enjoyable.

Mick Beyer wearing Jelly Bro Socks

The world is in a very altered state right now, for many reasons. Everyone seems to be in a very numb state; rightfully so… If you could wish for anything and have it instantly come true, what would you wish for when looking at the current state of life?

I would wish for the opportunity to help everyone who is struggling during this time, whether it be mentally or financially. My family has been fortunate throughout this time, and I wish I could pass that on to other people as well.

I have been trying to be very active in the Black Lives Matter Movement as well, signing petitions and writing emails, as well as trying to spread the word through my social media platforms and inspire others to do the same. I just wish people would all come together once and for all, and truly see each other as equals, so we can focus on other issues in the world together

We find that people tend to focus on all the negatives social media has to offer. If we flipped that idea on its ass and put a more positive spin on it… How has social media had a positive effect on you?

Social media has not only given me more self-confidence, but also given me a huge amount of inspiration. Before I grew a following on Instagram, I rarely wanted to be in a picture because of my many insecurities. Yet when I saw that people saw me differently than I saw myself, it made me change how I saw myself as well. They inspired me to be creative in photo shoots, put together weird and crazy outfits, and allowed me to be myself and be proud of that person