Micke Holguin Bello – Life, Love & The Taboos of OnlyFans

Micke Holguin Bello Pump Underwear Only Fans Interview

Micke Holguin Bello – Life, Love & The Taboos of OnlyFans

The Lonely Avocado x Vanity Teen

Instagram : mickeholguinbello / Photographer : @nnicolasesteban

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You have an amazing imagination and sense of style! Do you find when looking back at your life, you think of major influences in Pop Culture that have helped shape the person you are today?

Nostalgia and my inner child are always a reference to create content. As a child, I liked all the Disney shows and movies, and as a teenager I loved MTV. I feel that today I like to express both worlds of color, magic, rebellion and freedom.

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You are a strong supporter of sexual independence, which we think is amazing as the majority of the world is very censored and truly scared of human sexuality. Why do you think that people are so uncomfortable and closed off when mentioning anything sexual or taboo?

We live in a sea of morality due to everything that surrounds us, contexts, cultures, beliefs or simply lack of education. My parents are very young and they have always spoken to me naturally about sex and the way I express myself to the world.

Personally, I like to take videos and photos, I feel comfortable with my body and my sensuality. And not only that, the market for eroticism and sex is so huge.

We are sexual beings and we have to normalize it.

How has OnlyFans affected your life? 

My lifestyle was affected immensely.

First, it was risky to open an account in OnlyFans because content could leak at some point and because brands that are more conservative do not like my profile. I actually make the content very aesthetic and flawless, so I don’t have to worry about it leaking at some point. And I have always avoided molding myself into something that I am not, so I am grateful to work with open minded brands.

The second change I had was stability, because the income that I generated gave me financial stability and gave me space to create freely without having to condition myself.

Your photography and digital editing skills are beyond amazing! The moment we stumbled upon your page we were so inspired by the level of detail, imagination and color that you placed into all your work. Would you say that all of your talents in this area are self-taught or did a mentor help you along the way?

Since I was little boy, I was very imaginative and creative. I loved to play, paint, and draw. Those are tools that are part of my personality. Art has been my passion, design, photography, drawing, and fashion.

So I studied film and TV, I gathered all the arts and thus I could have a broader field of work. I learned to use some programs at home and then I could supplement it in college. And gradually I have improved the techniques, and I am still constantly learning, dedicating more time and detail to each publication.

If you looked at past and modern day Pop Culture and had to pick a few things that really inspired you, what would those things be?

I’ve always had a connection to the aesthetics of the 80s, those vibes that are in the clothes, the music, and the pop culture of that decade. And without a doubt I am a baby from the 90s, and I take references with which I contextualize myself to communicate and express myself.

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The world is in a strange place right now in so many different ways. We really need to take notice of our surroundings and try to push for positive change. If you could wave a magic wand and fix a current issue, what pain would you take away from the world right now?

I would remove the inequality of rights that many people around the world live. I would also seek that people can feel safe to express themselves freely to the world, that they can feel proud of who they are and are free to love.

Many people find it hard to speak about themselves, compliment themselves or be open about their weaknesses. It is a strength to be an open book and be proud of who you are, flaws and strengths combined! If you had to describe yourself in one sentence what would you say?

Being different has been my most powerful weapon to show who I am in a colorful, original way and always from love.

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