Mostlyluca – HEYBOY Exclusive Interview

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Mostlyluca Exclusive Interview

HEYBOY x Vanity Teen

Photographer: Julie Bénard

Brands : boohooMANTriller

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Birthday: 26, 2004

Birthplace: Vancouver, Canada

Birth Sign: Pisces

Q) For anyone reading this interview who has not had the chance to come across your content yet, what would you wish for them to take away from your work?

A) I have always tried to be myself and to be honest. I think that is part of the reason why I attracted my first supporters back when I started on Musically years ago. I am just ‘me’, and I try hard to stay authentic. Sure, I watch what is trending and what is popular because that is important, but when I create content I try to stay genuine.

Q) You are from Canada! We have noticed many Canadian artists hit road blocks in many different ways and end up moving to the US to overcome this.

Have you personally found any difficulties doing your line of work within Canada that you wish would change, to make life easier for your work?

A) 100% it is difficult. Ok, I love Canada and am proud to be Canadian. But this is a big country with a smallish population and huge distances between the big cities. A real hard part is finding people to collaborate with. Collaboration is important, and something that I have always loved. I get great inspiration when working with others. A few years ago I really struggled to find people here to collaborate with. It’s better now, but still not like down in the US. There are also so few social media events here and hardly any meet-n-greets or tour stops. So yes it is very difficult out here in Vancouver. Beautiful but difficult, and so that is why I am always down in LA. Also, flying around the US is far cheaper than flying around Canada.

Q) Strangest thing about you that your fans might not know yet?

A) I love travelling but I hate flying. Flying is just something that I do because I have to, but I would rather be a passenger in a car, get on a bus or hop on a boat. I’ve been to about 20 countries including Cambodia, Laos, Morocco and all over Central America and there are a lot more places I want to visit. So I guess I will just have to get over it somehow. Before Covid I was scheduled to go to Indonesia for a series of meet-n-greets….that would be a long boat journey!

Q) Most random thing that has ever happened during a meet and greet or a event that you will never forget?

A) I remember at Playlist in Orlando when a girl asked me to sign her boobs! I was used to signing t-shirts, posters and stuff… so I was shocked when she asked me. But, I still said ‘ok’.

Q) When you go out with friends or family, do you find you get recognized a lot because of your large online following? (1.2M Insta & 5.5M TikTok!) IF so, would you say this was an easy thing to get used to or would you say you miss part of the freedom of going out and no one knowing who you are?

A) Yah, for sure I get recognized a lot, but it’s sometimes easy to put a hoodie on and hide. Just depends on my mood. Being recognized doesn’t bother me as I really appreciate my supporters and value them. I still get surprised or caught off guard when someone knows who I am. When I’m down in LA I am often with people far more well known than I am, but here in Vancouver my group of friends do not have a large following on social media.

Q) Favorite Netflix series or movie right now?

A) Edens Zero – It’s all I watch right now.

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