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Netta’s New Song Cuckoo – Inside the Goodybag

Netta Barzilai (נטע ברזילי) is an Israeli singer, recording artist and looping artist who won the fifth season of HaKokhav HaBa. This earned her the right to represent her country at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. By winning this song contest, which is a really big deal, she quickly became very famous and then started her journey towards the amazing career you see today.

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Let’s be real. Netta is a very unique singer who thinks outside the box and really stands out. And that’s an awesome thing because she’s creating an iconic status for herself!

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Netta is a really creative person and she reflects that in her music videos, creating stunning graphics and visuals.

The Lonely Avocado - Netta

As can be seen in her latest music video ‘Cuckoo’, she uses a lot of symbology in order to tell the full message she wants to send alongside the song’s lyrics. The scenarios she uses are really cool and the visuals are super clean. In this song, a mid-tempo pop ballad which was recorded during quarantine, she talks in general about the repetition of things but in particular about a relationship.

I like when you’re holding my hand

But I don’t feel nothing

And do I really love you?

I should really love you

All this repetition she talks about in the lyrics is clearly seen on the music video, in which every scene repeats itself in a never-ending cycle. We can see a woman trying to change the channel and a huge clock above the TV is ticking but then it goes back again. Time repeats itself. And this dynamic repeats in al the scenes, mostly talking about a couple’s routines: opening the fridge, having breakfast, watching TV, going to bed…

The Lonely Avocado - Netta

Netta compares her situation with a cuckoo clock, always repeating itself and feeling like ‘a bird in a cage’. This aspect is also reflected in the couple featured on the video and their actions.

I’m like a bird in a cage

And I’m going, “Cuckoo, cuckoo”

I know that I can escape

But I don’t wanna hurt you, hurt you

In the lyrics, she says that she’s going ‘cuckoo’, another way of saying crazy. A lot of things can be speculated about its meaning as it was recorded in quarantine. The birdcage might be her house and can be related to the lock down. However, I personally think it’s more of a metaphorical cage. She really feels trapped in her relationship and feels like every day is the same, and even though she knows she can escape, she doesn’t want to do it because it will hurt her partner. The song follows like this:

I think about the breakup

Sometimes I wanna pack my shit and run

It’s like a trip to Vegas

Will I regret it when it’s done?

It’s like my heart is burning

So I overdose on Tums

Maybe something’s wrong with me

Here she’s already thinking about the breakup. Even though she literally said in the previous verse ‘I know that I can escape, but I don’t wanna hurt you‘, she is now considering breaking up, although she’s having second thoughts and feels bad about it. In addition, she questions the decision comparing it to ‘a trip to Vegas‘ and knows that she might regret it.

Focusing on the composition analysis, the video coloring is very blue and has very dim light, with lots of back lighting and a nighttime atmosphere. This can be a reference to her feelings, darkness, sadness and loneliness. In the scene where Netta is sitting alone on a bed, she has lots of teddy bears with hearts behind her as a physical symbol of the size of her love.

The Lonely Avocado - Netta

Just to point out another detail, in the final scenes of the video, these couples featured in the video are coming together again and trying to kiss each other. In the same way, the clock that in the beginning was repeating itself now goes crazy and time goes really fast. That could be interpreted as a way of saying that when they are together and they have solved their problems, they love being with one another.

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Once again, this video has amazing visuals, a really good coloring and visual effects. We love how Netta’s mind works!

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