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HEYBOY x Vanity Teen Exclusive

Photographer: Leonie Alma

Agency: We Create

Manager: Vada Muller

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Birthday: December 3, 2000

Birthplace: Singapore

Birth Sign: Sagittarius

Q) If you had to look back on the earlier part of your adventures into social media, what would you name as one of the main areas that helped really start growing your online presence?

A) My passion for creating content is the only reason I even started growing an online presence! I’ve always just wanted to make content which is entertaining and has a good message, and creating content is one of my favorite things to do. I’ve always looked forward to the part of the day where I create content and this motivated me to post new content almost daily since day 1. Posting consistently is an area where a lot of creators struggle in and without my passion for content creation I would never have managed it.

Q) With your growing presence on social media you have to be doing many meet and greets. Did meeting fans up close and personal and sharing yourself on a more real level make you nervous at the beginning? – If so have those nerves subsided at all?

A) I have actually only done one meet and greet event which took place over 2 days in London! With the COVID-19 situation, it has been difficult to organise events in which I can meet hundreds or thousands of fans in person. That being said, at the meet and greet event as well as when I am recognized in public I don’t feel anxious at all. I am the same person online and offline, so I know I just have to be myself! I absolutely love meeting my fans and always do my best to give them all the attention and respect they deserve!

However, in the beginning I was very anxious because I was not used to receiving so much attention from strangers. I was usually just as flustered as the fans I was meeting and would often be overwhelmed. This feeling faded away once I started showing more of my personality online and once I found confidence in who I am as a person.

Q) Favorite TV series or film you have been addicted to watching recently and why should we all watch?!

A) The last few months I have been incredibly busy and really struggled to find time to watch many movies or TV series. That being said, I actually really enjoy cinematography and have a few favorites I would love to share. Some of my favorite Hollywood movies are: The Shawshank Redemption, Shutter Island, Fight Club and Django Unchained. I’m also especially excited for the release of House of Gucci later this year!

My favorite Bollywood movie would be Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, which tells the story of Milkha Singh, one of India’s bravest athletes.

The only two shows I’ve watched recently are the Korean show Squid Game and the French show Lupin. Both of these shows are incredibly well made and I can happily recommend them, although it should be noted that Squid Game has an older age restriction as it goes in the direction Horror movies such as Saw.

Q) Have any things you normally take for granted in your life been more difficult to do or complete because of the current restrictions around the world or has there been less issues than expected?

A) Being able to visit my family in Singapore has been impossible! I haven’t seen my parents or my little sister in one and a half years because of travel restrictions to Singapore. Before the pandemic I was sure I would see my family at least twice a year! I look forward to seeing them soon!

Q) Music has such a beautiful way of helping peoples mental state, even when things seem quite dim. Which songs are currently on repeat, keeping you inspired every day?

A) The Adults are Talking by The Strokes has been on repeat since the song started trending on TikTok 6 months ago. Other than that I have had so much time to listen to music that I have created a playlist for almost every Genre and have a few thousand downloaded songs on my phone. I’m a huge fan of Rock and Disco and seem to always find myself coming back to bands such as Queen and AC/DC. I’m also a huge fan of R&B and listen to a lot of The Weeknd and Chase Atlantic.

Q) If you could spend one day with your favorite celebrity, who would that be and why do you think you would love to meet them?

A) I have a lot of potential answers to this question, but I think a day with Tom Holland would be extremely fun. I feel like he is one of the coolest, most easy going celebrities out there!

Q) Do you get recognized a lot when you go out? Also, would you say most of your unplanned interactions with fans are quite respectful of your space / have you ever been in a strange situation where you felt unsafe, or had to run! Ha-ha.

A) I get recognized almost every time I’m in public, but most of the time it’s no stress and it’s just somebody who wants a picture or wants to say hi. I find that most of my fan interactions are extremely enjoyable and respectful and I think of these interactions very positively!

Of course, there have been some times where situations got uncomfortable. One that springs to mind is when my friend Benji (Benji Krol) and I were chased through the park in Munich by a large group of teenagers. At the time we were unvaccinated and in the middle of the 2nd wave of COVID-19 in Germany and the whole situation made me very very uncomfortable, especially because of the risk of catching COVID.

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