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Noen Eubanks and Heir of Atticus by Aria
Photo Credit : ARIA - Models Noen Eubanks & Heir of Atticus

If you are on social media you have most likely come across the name Noen Eubanks. The App TikTok has really been flying under the radar and helping to create much success for current pop culture icons like Noen and many other TikTok famous names.

Heir of Atticus Noen Eubanks photo
Photo Credit : ARIA - Models Noen Eubanks & Heir of Atticus

Noen gained much of his success on TikTok, he has almost 11 million followers at this moment in time and it is only growing. All this attention has lead to a unique future for Eubanks, people from all ends of the world are reaching out to create exclusive content with the social media celebrity.

Noen Eubanks Shirtless Photo shoot
Photo Credit : ARIA - Model Noen Eubanks

Working with Damon Baker, a celebrity photographer helped gain Noen a large amount of exposure to many different industries around the world. We will post a few photos from the exclusive shoot between Noen Eubanks and Damon Baker. This shoot was the reason we became more familiar with Noen. Damon has this beautiful way of allowing his subjects to open their hearts to the entire room and show the true raw emotion that lies beneath the shell they may have built up to the world.

Noen Eubanks Shirtless Photo Damon Baker
Photo Credit : Damon Baker
Damon Baker photo shoot Noen Eubanks
Photo Credit : Damon Baker
Noen Eubanks Mouth Open Damon Baker
Photo Credit : Damon Baker

Damon Baker is more widely known at this point, but we do believe this is only the beginning of his career, he will definitely go down in history as one of the most influential portrait photographers. He captures the deep, vulnerable and emotional sides of so many famous faces. The main reason Damon can bring out this type of emotion out of people is because of his heart and his selfless energy that people surrounding him can feel. The humanity that shines from Bakers work will be felt forever in his photographs.

Noen Eubanks bloody nose blue hair
Photo Credit : ARIA - Model Noen Eubanks
Noen Eubanks BW photo by Hedi Slimane
Photo Credit : Hedi Slimane

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