Black Snake Smart Phone Ring | Serpent Phone Accessories | The Lonely Avocado


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Black Snake Smart Phone Ring | Serpent Phone Accessories | The Lonely Avocado


Out of stock

Black & Gold Snake Smart Phone Ring Grip

Also available in White! <- Click Here

The most colorful, gold, high-quality, durable phone holders you’ve seen; in our opinion…

This specific phone grip features a black snake with a gold finishing. There are small details scattered around the design such as, magical stars, underbelly lines and eyes. The designs shape is based around a snake which is starting to coil.

The ring flips up and down, it will rotate 360 degrees for better comfort while in your hand. The ring portion can also double as a stand to prop up your phone while watching all your favorite Netflix shows or for when you are referencing that perfect cookie recipe!

Do you love snakes and fancy phone accessories? If so you will totally want to try out our serpent phone grip. This phone accessory is not only functional, it’s also is detailed artwork which will definitely turn heads. Maybe you do not have a huge love for snakes… I bet you have a friend who is totally addicted to all things snake themed; do them a solid and purchase this for them and show them how much you support their strange addiction.

This specific phone grip is around 2.6×1.4 inches

Stay fancy,

* This link is for the Black and Gold Snake  Phone Grip only.

A percentage of our net profit goes towards funding an animal rehabilitation centre of our choice.

About our Ohh! Rings

BE BRIGHT AND BOLD. LET YOUR COLORS SHINE, EVEN IF THOSE COLORS ARE FREAK’N WEIRD. – I’ll tell you a secret; all the best people are a little bit crazy.

❤ Add a statement piece to your phone with the cutest gold plated phone grips, only by The Lonely Avocado.
❤ If you find that you are always dropping your phone and shattering it, the Ohh! Ring may be the solution! It also really helps that this phone grip is not only beautiful but also super functional. All our products are also designed to be for boys or girls, young or old; help us crush gender stereotypes!
❤ Just take the protective backing off the super strong 3M sticker and stick to the back of your phone. (IPhone, Samsung, any phone!)
❤ You can also use the OHH! RING to prop your phone up, as it can also be used as a stand! We find this is perfect for watching Netflix or when you are cooking and need to reference the perfect recipe you have searched off of Google!
❤ Like all our products, the OHH! RING comes packaged in cute shimmery gold accented packaging, perfect for gifting & also retail ready. (Wholesale available)
❤ Please use as a phone grip, do not use as a toy, or swing your phone around while just holding the grip as the main source of holding your phone. Like all metal phone grips, they use small metal moving pieces mixed with very strong bond glue; gravity will work against you if you test its limits.)
❤ Birthday Gifts, Best friend gifts, Gifts for the Girl friend / Boy friend, Gifts for your sister or brother, mom or dad; holidays also, like Christmas; we got all the gifts and will always continue to create more high quality magical things for you!
❤ Please understand that this is not an item for a child under the age of 8.
❤Designed & packaged in Canada, made in PRC.