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Dark Grey Reading Socks | Thick Knit Cotton Socks | Snugglies | The Lonely Avocado


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SNUGGLIES – By The Lonely Avocado – Premium thick knit socks – Stretchy one size!

We created these winter reading socks because we always have SUPER cold feed during the winter months; we are in Canada, so I hope you can understand the winter pain I am talking about.

These socks feature little nonstick grips on the bottoms, so if you are feeling extra fancy after you slide these puppies on and you suddenly get the urge to let your freak flag fly and dance around the house; you will not fall and eat shit. – We got you bro.

If you are a little worried that you will have problems with your feet overheating, we do not think you should worry as these socks are also super breathable and do not think they should make your feet sweat.

Your feet are going to thank you for blessing them with Snugglies.

Woman’s size US 5-12.
Men’s up to size US 10-11


Stay fancy,

* This link is for the DARK GREY Snugglies only.

A percentage of our net profit goes towards funding an animal rehabilitation centre of our choice.

About our Socks

BE BRIGHT AND BOLD. LET YOUR COLORS SHINE, EVEN IF THOSE COLORS ARE FREAK’N WEIRD. – I’ll tell you a secret; all the best people are a little bit crazy.

❤ Our socks are so comfortable and stretchy! They are perfect for going out and making a statement, but we mainly love them when we get home from work.
❤ Strip off your clothes, get on your PJ’s on and slide on our super cozy socks and grab a blanket; I think I hear Netflix calling… Get YO snacks!
❤ Like all our products, Rock my Sox come packaged in cute packaging, perfect for gifting & also retail ready. (Wholesale available)
❤ We have been told our stuff tends to be a statement piece/head turner; you may find people asking where you got your socks. We think this is because there is not much out there that resembles what we do over here at The Lonely Avocado. #trendsetta
❤ Birthday Gifts, Best friend gifts, Gifts for the Girl friend / Boy friend, Gifts for your sister or brother, mom or dad; holidays also, like Christmas; we got all the gifts and will always continue to create more high quality magical things for you!
❤Designed & packaged in Canada, made in PRC.