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The most colorful, gold, high-quality enamel pins you’ve seen! – In our opinion. Remember how big badge pins were in the 80s? – This is their comeback!

This pin features Saturn imagined as a pink Simpsons looking donut with a bite taken out of it. It has little sprinkle details scattered around the white icing!

Off in another dimension, there is a donut planet that looks really similar to Saturn. These little donut people that are a bit crazy inhabit the planet. They are running out of food sources on their planet so they are searching the galaxy for other planets that have the food they can eat. You will see a piece missing from the planet; a while back, a waffle looking planet declared war on the donut people. Do not worry, they won’t come here.

We think space travel is pretty cool and would love to travel to different places around the solar system. Do you ever look up into the sky and wonder what else is out there; are we alone?

We think aliens are pretty cool and would not mind taking a trip.

This specific pin is around 1 x .7 inches. Stay fancy,

* This link is for the Donut Enamel Pin only.

A percentage of our net profit goes towards funding an animal rehabilitation centre of our choice.


BE BRIGHT AND BOLD. LET YOUR TRUE COLORS SHINE, EVEN IF THOSE COLORS ARE FREAK’N WEIRD. –I’ll tell you a secret; all the best people are a little bit crazy.
❤ Start adding flair to your outfit with the cutest gold plated pins, only by The Lonely Avocado.
❤ Add them to your backpacks, purses, jackets, shirts, jeans; actually just add them to everything… Make your favorite piece of clothing a bit more unique; you know how awkward it gets walking by someone with the same exact outfit; change it up a bit and get funky boys and girls!
❤ They come standard with spring loaded locking backs, you do not have to pay extra. We do not want you buying a pin from us and losing is because of its butterfly or rubber backing.
❤ Like all our products, our enamel pins come packaged in cute shimmery gold accented packaging, perfect for gifting & also retail ready. (Wholesale available)
❤ These earrings cannot be marketed as hypoallergenic because they are 16K gold plated; unless you are buying simple surgical steel jewelry you will have a hard time finding 100% hypoallergenic jewelry. With all this being said, our Jewelry is TOP quality and they will not turn your ears green! – Ew.
❤ Birthday Gifts, Best friend gifts, Gifts for the Girl friend / Boy friend, Gifts for your sister or brother, mom or dad; holidays also, like Christmas; we got all the gifts and will always continue to create more high quality magical things for you!
❤Designed & packaged in Canada, made in PRC.