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Gold Skull Earrings | Simple Skull gift | Witchy Earrings | The Lonely Avocado


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The most colorful, gold, high-quality earrings you’ve seen; in our opinion…

Simple, cute & eerie; so subtle from afar, people will not notice what they are until they get closer which is pretty cool; we think.

These earrings have a little itty-bitty nose with 2 large eyes; no mouth though as we wanted it to be more of a simplified abstract skull. Maybe you are addicted to all things creepy, or you just want to live a bit more on the edgy side; we got the goods you look’n for. *Winky face

We have seen some pretty unique skull earrings but none that are as gentle and soft as these. Basically we mean that anyone can wear them without feeling like they have just went XCORE GOTH; unless you wanna feel like that, then let your Goth flag fly B.B. <3

These specific earrings are around 10mm x 9.53mm. Stay fancy,

* This link is for the Gold Skull Earrings only.

A percentage of our net profit goes towards funding an animal rehabilitation centre of our choice.

About our earrings

BE BRIGHT AND BOLD. LET YOUR TRUE COLORS SHINE, EVEN IF THOSE COLORS ARE FREAK’N WEIRD. –I’ll tell you a secret; all the best people are a little bit crazy.

❤ Add a statement piece to your body with the cutest gold plated earrings, only by The Lonely Avocado.
❤ Like all our earrings, they are 16K gold plated and made with passion. We care so deeply about the products we release; we do NOT cut any corners.
❤ LEAD AND NICKEL FREE! <- Try to stay away from those metals if at all possible.
❤ Like all fine jewelry, please keep them out of direct humidity and do NOT wear them in the shower; make your earrings last. – Take care of these babies and they will treat you well.
❤ These earrings cannot be marketed as hypoallergenic because they are 16K gold plated; unless you are buying simple surgical steel jewelry you will have a hard time finding 100% hypoallergenic jewelry. With all this being said, our Jewelry is TOP quality and they will not turn your ears green! – Ew.
❤ We have been told our jewelry tends to be a statement piece/head turner; you may find people asking where you got your earrings more often. We think this is because there is not much out there that resembles what we do over here at The Lonely Avocado.  #trendsetta
❤ Like all our products, our earrings come packaged in cute shimmery gold accented packaging, perfect for gifting & also retail ready.  (Wholesale available)
❤ Birthday Gifts, Best friend gifts, Gifts for the Girl friend / Boy friend, Gifts for your sister or brother, mom or dad; holidays also, like Christmas; we got all the gifts and will always continue to create more high quality magical things for you!
❤ Please understand that this is not an item for a child under the age of 8.
❤Designed & packaged in Canada, made in PRC.