Qveen Herby – The Rise of the Biggest Star in Music

Qveen Herby : The Next Biggest Name in Music.

Have you heard the name Qveen Herby floating around the Internet lately? If you answered no to this question, we think you are most likely living under a rock. Qveen Herby is a very memorable American rapper, singer and songwriter that is here to stay!

Qveen Herby Photo Shoot in Bra
Photo Credit : Qveen Herby - Instagram

This Qveen is the example of all the things gloriously fancy and empowered. Not only is she an amazing musician with an outspoken voice for others, she is also building an entire music empire on her own terms, without the help of the mainstream record labels! It warms our heart to see that the Internet has brought the ability for everyone to be noticed and given a chance to do life their way.

Qveen Herby white glove fancy
Photo Credit - Qveen Herby - Instagram

This version of Mint is probably one of our most favorite performances!

Qveen Herby Nude Chanel Mirror
Photo Credit - Qveen Herby - Instagram

Remember back in the 90s, when new artists were popping up all over the place? There was so much talent that came out of the 1990s and we think Qveen Herby is bringing back those vintage retro vibes, but totally flipping it to a place where modern day pop culture has never been.

Qveen Herby sitting with dogs
Photo Credit - Qveen Herby - Instagram

If you do not think Qveen Herby will be remembered as a major pop culture icon in the future, we feel you are sadly mistaken. This is only the start of her career and she has already shown us since day one, she has set out with a goal in mind and nothing will distract her.

Qveen Herby All Seeing Eye Pose
Photo Credit - Qveen Herby - Instagram

Go listen to her newest single Sugar Daddy! We guarantee you will fall in love with this beautiful human and all she has to offer the world. Not sure if she realizes how much she is going to shape modern day pop culture, but we are sure she is going to make some very large waves that will keep flowing for quite some time.


FUN FACT! – Nick Noonan is still very much involved, even if the Qveen is now a solo artist! #thedreamteam

Yas Qveen!