Raphael Bouman by Laura van den Hengel – Exclusive Interview

Raphael Bouman - Fashion Photography - Shirtless - Long Haired Boy

Raphael Bouman by Laura van den Hengel

The Lonely Avocado x VTEEN Exclusive Interview

Instagram: @raphael_bouman

Photographer: @lauravandenhengel

Part 2 over at Vanity Teen

Q) If you had to explain who you were in a few sentences what would you describe yourself?

A) I’m an active boy always looking for new opportunities; I love tennis, fitness training and water sports. I like to get prepared for my future by attending catwalk trainings, modelling trainings and acting courses. My goal is to be among the world top models.

Q) When you are not working, what do you like to do to pass the time?

A) In my daily life l have very little time left, when I do have time l always enjoy being pampered in a salon. I have a regular salon that I always go to called beauty and hair care Nijmegen (@beautyandhairecare_nijmegen). The owner Ghizlan always meets my needs so that I feel completely fresh afterwards.

Q) We see you are from Amsterdam! For anyone who has not yet had the chance to visit, what would you say your favorite part of Amsterdam?

A) If you come to Amsterdam. I would say you really have to take a trip on a boat, because then you will see all the canals and you get to see a bit of the history in Amsterdam.

Q) Who is currently in the top of your playlist and keeping you inspired?

A) Juice World inspires me, because he always says that you just have to go for it and that you have to work hard for what you want. His music sounds great.

Q) Favorite part about pop culture?

A) My favorite part about pop culture is the music. Hip-hop & Deephouse music!

Q) Favorite place you have ever traveled to and why would you say it was your favorite?

A) Namibia is really my favorite country, because you see so many special animals, and so close up and personal; what you normally only see in movies. The desert was also really beautiful.

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