Stanchris Exclusive Interview + Photos

Stanchris Exclusive Interview + Photo Set, Partially Nude Boy Showering - Holding Towel - HeyBoy
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Stanchris Exclusive

Interview + Photos

Stanchris Exclusive

Interview + Photos


Photographer: Modern Muse

Model: Stanchris

Birthday: April 18, 2000

Birthplace: United States

Birth Sign: Aries

With a combined TikTok/Instagram following of almost one million, Stanchris is most likely a familiar face for many of you Social Media lovers! While his content is mainly LGBTQ+ focused, he finds many creative and hilarious ways to bring everyone into the conversation for some laughs.

We recently had the chance to have a little chat with Stanchris about life, his career path and some other fun stuff. Take a peek at the interview and exclusive photos below.

You have grown such a massive online following; did you know from the beginning what direction you wanted to take the content you create or did you grow organically with your fans?

A) I knew from the start I wanted to do primarily LGBTQ+ focused content. My first ever Youtube video was a gay Q&A. However, at the same time I would say I have grown along with my fans and definitely continue to learn and evolve with my fans/followers to this day. I never thought I would do interviews but now they are some of my most viral content.

Have you been in a situation when interviewing someone and found yourself actually worried about your safety or possibly the encounter turned out quite a bit uncomfortable?

A) I wouldn’t say I was ever worried for my safety, but there have definitely been weird/awkward/uncomfortable moments for sure. I hope I never encounter a situation where I am actively worried about my safety. My videos are meant to be fun/satire most of the time, so I hope people don’t take them too seriously.

With the ever-growing popularity of social media, we have seen so much good, but also so much bullying & trolling. Do you ever find it’s difficult to filter out the negativity modern day society has created within social media?

A) I will say when I make a post and let’s say there are 100 comments. 95% of them can be positive, yet sometimes I still find myself hyper focusing on the 5% that are negative. But I like to remind myself: not everyone will agree with every post I make, and everyone has their own opinions. So I don’t take it to heart too much, and if I really want— I can just delete the comments. Sometimes I also think of the saying “Haters usually only hate you for one of three reasons. They either see you as a threat. They hate themselves. Or they want to be you”

Who would you say helped you gain the level of confidence you currently have? We say this because you are seemingly able to approach any random stranger, strike up a conversation and keep good energy & laughs going!

A) I would say honestly just experience because I do still get nervous when I ask people to interview them, especially when maybe 5 people in a row all say no. It’s definitely easier than when I first started, but I still don’t like being rejected. I would also attribute it to watching an IRL live streamer who I admired before I made videos named Ice Poseidon.

If you could only pick one for the rest of your life (Music or Film), which would you choose and why does this one style of art influence you more?

A) That is such a tough question because I love them both, especially together as one medium. If I really had to pick— I think I would choose music because I feel that it is easier to convey emotion with and I just love the way music makes me feel especially when I’m in a certain mood. Listening to music can amplify that feeling, and it doesn’t require as much introduction /setting / background story as Film does to really make you feel something deep.

Favorite age group to interview? – Who gives the best questions in your opinion and why do you think this is?

A) I think anyone from 18-25 is the most fun to interview for a multitude of reasons. 1: They are way more likely to say yes to being in a video. 2: They usually always know the slang which I sometimes reference because they are the same generation as me. 3: They are funnier and more outspoken than other age ranges. This is not to say I haven’t had amazing & viral interviews with older people because I definitely have, but mainly I chose this age group because of their willingness to participate. Older people almost always say no to being interviewed on video.

Do you find it gets difficult for you to continually think of content to keep pushing out for your fans? I would assume feeling the need to consistently post would create some sort of blocks for some.

A) Yes definitely. It does get tough, but then randomly when I’m sitting in bed at night I’ll suddenly get a great idea like an epiphany. I always write these ideas down in my notes right away because I don’t want to forget. Short videos are easier for me at least, I would say it’s harder to think of interesting/entertaining youtube video ideas. It definitely isn’t easy and I do take breaks to help prevent burnout, but I also really enjoy the process.

Who would you name as your dream collaboration?

A) For me it would be with a brand I love like: Vans, Hypland, or Calvin Klein. Those would be like a dream come true. In terms of another Influencer/Celebrity/Youtuber it would probably be: MarkeMiller or Jidion.

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