Taylor Hickson – Vanity Teen Exclusive

Actress Taylor Hickson - VT exclusive shoot

Actress Taylor Hickson exclusively for Vanity Teen Magazine. She is wearing a pair of our Jelly Bro socks!!! =)

Actress Taylor Hickson Photographed by Aaron Desilva and styled by Wolfette Styling exclusively for Vanity Teen Magazine. Assistant Stylist : Tamzin Birch Hair : Hair : Billie-Jean Shepard MUA : Lianna Artistry

Actress Taylor Hickson - Pop Culture Jelly Bro funny socks

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Vt Exclusive Taylor Hickson wearing glitter earrings

This shoot absolutely stuns the F out of us! The amount of care and detail put into every last inch of this shoot is so inspiring. Taylor also brought so much fun energy to the shoot which made it that much better. We could not be more grateful to be a part of this little piece of magic. Pretty amazing as well that this shoot is featuring all Canadian talent!!

Actress Taylor Hickson - Photo shoot - Disney disco party

You gave such an amazing performance in “Giant Little Ones” The energy that came from that movie was so strong. What is your process to get into the headspace of the characters you dive into for each roll?

“I always like to find common denominators with the character to help with connection. There is always some truth in the characters I play. Acting is very much a form of therapy for me. Not just in releasing energy, but the actual study and collaborative process of building the characters with directors, writers and other actors. I end up learning much about myself, especially in the case of Giant Little Ones. I was carrying around emotional damage for years unaware, until I uncovered it through working with Keith Behrman—our director. So much of what you see in that film is honest, from all parties involved.”


Taylor Hickson in a neon swimsuit

Taylor Hickson looks absoultly stunning in this shoot. We have never seen a shoot so jam packed with color and energy.

pop culture inspired wardrobe changes in this photo shoot with Actress Taylor Hickson.

  • 1st – Retro neon swimsuit and sun visor all while Taylor Hickson is holding a T-Rex gun!? – AMAZING!
  • 2nd – Taylor in a beautiful white dress wearing sexy platform shoes, eating Reese Puffs cereal, wearing a Disney’s Mickey Mouse hat… She is also surrounded by disco balls… Like come on, how freaking amazing!
  • 3rd – the softest 90s throwback in white sneakers, a crop top, pop rocks, flip phone and a sucker, oh yeah and funky socks!