Trenton Negrete – The Lonely Avocado x Vanity Teen Exclusive

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Trenton Negrete Exclusive Interview | The Lonely Avocado x Vanity Teen

Instagram : Trentonegrete / TikTok : Trentonnegrete

We recently had the chance to have an interview with well known TikTok influencer Trenton Negrete ! -After you are done, head over to Vanity Teen for the rest of the interview!

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The Lonley Avocado x Vanity Teen Exclusive with Trenton Negrete

Now that your social media presence keeps growing, do you have a main goal to accomplish with this large reach you have? 

My goal is to encourage those who follow me to make and impact on this planet. Whether it be through fighting for social reforms, environmental concern, providing entertainment in film or music, teaching others ect. : I want our generation to make a positive impact on our planet. I hope that everyone will try to be the best that they can be.

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If you had to think about pop culture, what inspires you the most about modern pop culture and also something that you appreciate about pop culture of the past that helped shape what we see today? 

Touching back on social media, I believe that our culture is the most connected that it’s ever been. I appreciate the way we are all able to relate to each other in even the weirdest aspects of life. Past culture has given us a good base to build our culture out of and make it our own.

People focus a lot about the negatives of social media. What inspires you most about the social media age we currently are living in?

A tool with as much power as social media has id undoubtedly going to have its downsides. I try to think optimistically about things, and I believe that the positives do outweigh the negatives here. The ability to share and connect so vastly and so rapidly is an unbelievable luxury that we rarely find ourselves appreciating. Social media acts as a motivator in my life to do more. It acts as a source of information, entertainment, and inspiration. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Fun Facts:

Trenton is from California and has around 250,000 followers on TikTok !