Warrior Nun Netflix Original – Where Buffy Meets Constantine!

Netflix Warrior Nun Fan Art

Warrior Nun Netflix ‘s New Original – Where Buffy meets Constantine.

A new Netflix TV series set to air July 02, 2020, starring Toya Turner, Alba Baptista , Lorena Andrea and Kristina Tonteri-Young .

Alba Baptista as Ava in Warrior Nun

What is the show all about?

Warrior Nun focuses on the life/afterlife of 19-year-old Ava (Played by Alba Baptista), who wakes up in a morgue with an ancient artifact burnt into her back. 

Ava soon finds out she is part of an ancient Catholic order called The Order of the Crusiform Sword. There are demons and ancient evil that is dead set on destroying Ava and the entire Order of the Crusiform. The forces that are trying to take her down are representing both Heaven and Hell.


Fucks given. – Nun.

The trailer alone is enough to make us want to binge watch the entire series. I mean who does not want to see a bunch of badass Nun’s with swords and machine guns!? Netflix always seems to give the green light on projects that scream uniqueness in the most glorious of ways.

Netflix Warrior Nun cast

The characters in this show prove this is a very diverse TV series. Honestly Netflix is known for inclusivity and diversity, and that is why we love them so deeply. In a time where we need to be more conscious than ever, this show laid its foundation on diversity and thinking above the normal means of casting. Did you know that Alba is half Brazilian, Lorena is Colombian and Emilio is Moroccan!

Warrior Nun Areala - Comic Book Cover

The Warrior Nun series was created, written and produced by Simon Barry. The series is based off of the 90s Manga comic created by Ben Dunn. The show does stray a bit away from the original content/aesthetic of the comic book; people should love this idea as new and fresh artistic interpretation on older source material is what we live for! – In a world where everything is copied perfectly, we say bring on the unique!

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Cast

This show personally gives us the nostalgic feels of Joss Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire slayer and the idea of the heaven and hell battles in Constantine mixed with something else we cant quite put our finger on. The dry and witty humor this show, added to everything else going on is the icing on the cake.

Set your reminders and tune into Warrior Nun on July 02,2020 on Netflix. Help boost the ratings of the show during its first week so we easily get a second season!

Shout out to the casting directors of this show:

Jonathan Clay Harris


Alyson Silverberg


Suzanne Smith